Hypocrite vs. Hippie-crite

One is a real word.

The other, a well worded insult.

After Leo won an Oscar, his speech was a contribution to the Climate Change issues bla bla bla he is so dreamy. Then came in the flooding memes about his super yacht and private jet with captions of hippie-crite.

It may be cleverly derived from a noun and adjective but really, it’s just an insult.  An insult that is sworn over the people that are aware of the forever growing concern of the way the global population (yes global, yes all of us) are exploiting resources and the environment yet have continued to drive vehicles, use their phones, own a yacht.

By the way, I am typing this from a computer, rather than carving it into a rock for someone to find, I also just checked my smart phone. Shoot me.

The reason why I decided to blog about this is mainly because I have heard the same joke over a number of years.  It’s as bad as, ‘you missed a spot’. Unoriginal.

old jokes.jpg

Then another reason for this blog is to ignore the message of climate justice for two seconds and look at it from another perspective. We are constantly defending ourselves and actions that are supposed to have good intentions.

People are consciously trying to learn and put a voice out for people who may not be able to.  They might be trying to cut back on their meat intake, talking about climate change issues, raising the issues of another coal mine to be our economic solution or for more land be ripped away from indigenous people but then are slapped in the face when their opinion is uploaded via an iPhone.

I understand a lot of arguments may not be carefully thought about before made public and others may get offended when they have a different approach or completely different view.  I’m the goddamn master at staring dumbfounded and shaking my head.  I can say harsh things and jump the gun with the word ignorant a lot but at least I’m going to back it with an objective rather than a meme.

So where does that leave us…

They say if you can’t beat them, join them?

What about beating them, with their own tools.

I may own a smart phone, computer, drive a car that causes emissions, and have been in a world of coal mining, I grew up in a coal mining town. It goes without a saying that I appreciate the work my parents have done in their careers to provide for my brother and I.  But does that make me a bad person for using those advantages to try get a degree in the field that I want to make an improvement in.  Myself and many other people are trying to educate themselves, solve problems, discuss ideas for our future, fight to keep culture alive, think in solidarity, create youth driven movements or be a part of them (shout out to the SEED crew) but then are labelled hypocrites because we have done this with the technology that’s been powered with non renewables.

At least we are trying and conscience about our actions. And we are trying to do this quicker than if we were to walk down to Canberra and paint our proposals on the side of the Parliament House. We aren’t stupid, we need the same technology that has been powered through non renewable resources.

What the hell are you bringing to the table? Another god damn Facebook meme.

Think about it before the next time you pipe up your voice to a kid wanting to make a change. Because it could just be your words that stop them from trying to make a different future for themselves and your grandkids.


2 thoughts on “Hypocrite vs. Hippie-crite

  1. There is no true black and white, but there are right and wrong shades of gray. To call a snowfield white may not be completely and technically true, but who would say that proves the snowfield is black? Which argument is truly hypocritical?

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